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Emily Huggins has loved beautiful things from a very early age.

The blame for her love (or obsession, rather) lies squarely on the shoulders of her mother Kathy. As a first time mom, Kathy wanted to make sure she did all the right things, so she read countless parenting novels before Emily's birth. One parenting tip suggested that babies love to look at human faces. So, she got out a stack of her magazines and lined the inside of Emily's crib with pictures of gorgeous faces. And although Emily didn't know it yet, she had just begun her career in the wonderful world of makeup artistry.

Today, Emily is a professional wedding makeup artist working in the Washington, DC area.

Before beginning her own business, she was employed as a Beauty PR professional and also worked as a make-up artist for SPACE NK Apothecary in New York City and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.


Emily Huggins Makeup | VA, DC, MD | 646-283-3446 | emilyhuggins1@gmail.com  

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